Puritan prayers

September 1, 2011

A few days ago, Joe B. at WORLDmag.com Community (previously known as worldmagblog) posted a Puritan prayer that a number of us there found very meaningful and saved for our own future use. Since then he has posted another Puritan prayer each day, and I became curious about the source of these prayers.

I could have asked him, but it was quicker just to Google it, and I discovered that these prayers were not as obscure as I might have thought. I found quite a few pages that contain a number of these prayers, all taken from a compilation of Puritan prayers titled The Valley of Vision. I have seen few books at amazon.com with such high ratings (5 stars by nearly all reviewers, and even the reviews that rate it lower are very positive), and I promptly added it to my Wish List.

As I thought about blogging about these prayers, I couldn’t help wondering what would be the reaction from ModestyPress, my Radical Agnostic friend. What interest could he possibly find in a post about prayers that are all about the depths of personal sin and the glory of God? I know he does believe in right and wrong, but sees no need to link those concepts to a divine being, or to worry about displeasing such a being.

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