Disorders in the spotlight

March 25, 2011

It’s amazing what you can learn by looking a word up in the dictionary. Especially if it’s an online dictionary — it’s been a long time since I’ve used a printed dictionary, though we have a couple around the house somewhere. I generally use dictionary.com, which is convenient, easy to use, and doesn’t require a magnifying glass to read the definitions.

Of course, some things I learn there have nothing to do with the words I’m looking up. Dictionary.com has a blog, The Hot Word, with not-quite-daily posts on topics related to words. Earlier this week I was reading about the origins of the letters C and Q. Last week I read about Gaelic, and last month about Catalan (a language I can actually understand a little of in its written form).

 But today’s was so interesting, it wasn’t enough just to read the linked article – I promptly went to Google to learn more. Normally I wouldn’t bother with an entry about American Idol, but this one also mentions Asperger Syndrome and Tourette Syndrome. My sister’s son has Asperger Syndrome, and a friend in Michigan has a grandson with Tourette Syndrome. I don’t know anyone with both, though apparently they do tend to show up together.

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