Bird in my garden

June 17, 2013

my pix 048I don’t have a telephoto lens on my camera, and birds rarely sit still as I approach. So I rarely have a close-up like this. But for whatever reason, this bird just sat there above my garden this morning, long enough for me to walk the dog and come back and fetch my camera.

So now that I have the picture, I’m wondering – what kind of bird is it? I tried but didn’t figure it out. Of course, I know the male and female often differ in appearance, and I have no idea whether this is a male or female.

Bird watching

September 9, 2008

Really, this is as much about puppy-watching as bird-watching. But the puppy doesn’t need all that much actual watching, because she stays near me when we’re outside. (Occasionally I’m afraid for a moment that she’s disappeared, but it always turns out she’s behind me or under my chair, and I just missed seeing her move there from where she had been.) So I find myself looking at the yard with more attention than I usually give it.

I love taking walks outdoors, but my idea of outdoors is the woods, not the back yard. As long as the grass gets mowed and the shrubbery doesn’t encroach too much on the driveway, I don’t give the yard much thought. But now, sitting in a lawn chair with a puppy either in my lap or under my chair, I look around, and up. Tonight I looked up. And I saw birds.

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