Books: A Likely Story

My criteria in selecting this book were simple: an entertaining book of a size easy to carry with me to the caucus on February 1. I knew there would be a long line, and that I’d have quite a wait until the actual business of the caucus began, so I hurried grabbed something off the library shelf that would help pass the time that evening.

A Likely Story by Jenn McKinlay was a good choice. With a library director as the protagonist, books and people who love books are much in evidence – along with all the other interests and activities that keep modern libraries busy. (I’ll have to ask my friend who is the director at our local library how well McKinlay captured the essence of her job.)

The book even manages to meet one of the requirements of my 2016 Reading Challenge, which is a book set in my home state, Connecticut. Life in Briar Creek is not much like life in Newington, but then Newington is right outside the capital, Hartford, while Briar Creek is on the coast. I never visited a town in Connecticut that small, where everyone knows everyone else, but I suppose some must exist even on the crowded East coast.

The plot is, as the title ironically implies, a most unlikely story, but that’s par for the course with cozy mysteries. The characters are quirky and interesting, the overall tone is upbeat despite the murder and mystery, and the story has enough twists and turns not to get boring or give too much away too soon. Hardly great literature, but an entertaining read. I might want to check on what else the library has in the same series.


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