I want an ideatriever

I always like seeing the entries in Google’s annual Doodle 4 Google contest. This year my attention was drawn to the contest by a facebook post about the entry chosen by the guest judges as the winner for Iowa.

Usually I choose not to participate in online public voting for a favorite – whether it’s helping a student win an art contest or a charity win money. Using social media to attract votes – especially where you can vote over and over – seems to make the contest less about the merit of whatever is being voted for and more of a popularity contest. Even if I like something, I prefer not to participate in that kind of voting.

But I do like to vote for these Doodles, and I would have done it without the facebook post if I had come across a link to the contest elsewhere. (In past years I’ve found it on Google’s search page, but I didn’t notice it this year when public voting started two days ago.)

And I like the Ideatriever Doodle. I like the artwork, and I like the idea behind it, better than the other entries in this age group. I like ideas, and I really like the idea of being about to retrieve ideas that have escaped me. I’ve come up with lots of ideas of things I’d like to write – whether for a story, a blog post, or a speech for Toastmasters, but then by the time I have a chance to write the ideas down I’ve forgotten what seemed like the best of them.

Have fun looking at the different Doodles. And sure, go ahead and vote. Nothing wrong with public voting, if you vote for what you think is best rather than whatever your friends urged you to vote for.

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