Reading Augustine

Considering my post yesterday about reading the classics, it seemed quite serendipitous today to discover this invitation to read Augustine’s City of God, a little bit each day, over the course of this year. It’s one of those classics I’ve thought from time to time (as I happen upon mentions of it in something else I’m reading) that would be good to read, but that seemed too difficult to tackle on my own. But now I won’t be on my own. At the point when I joined the Facebook group, it was up to 841 members.

Collin Garbarino, who is organizing this, says that “City of God has everything—history, theology, philosophy, science.” That definitely sounds like my kind of book. And I don’t even have to track down the copy that I’m sure we have somewhere, since it is available online in various formats. Reading on a computer screen isn’t my favorite way to go, but it has the advantage of being something I can do from different computers, as long as I have the link (which is one reason I included it here).

Garbarino has designated January 6 as the starting day, but I plan to get started now – no doubt there will be days when I have trouble finding time to read even three or four short chapters.


One Response to Reading Augustine

  1. Karen O says:

    I have a copy of City of God around here somewhere. (Most of my books have been exiled to the basement until my tenants move out upstairs, & Emily, Chrissy, & Forrest can move up there.)

    Reading it little-by-little sounds like a good idea. That’s how I accomplish a lot of things around here – little-by-little, bit-by-bit.

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