A walk in the park

I had three reasons to walk to the arboretum yesterday. First, I wanted to log more miles for a walking contest we’re having at work. Right now the team I’m on is in the lead, but another team has been closing in fast, and the contest ends this weekend.

Secondly, I wanted a better look at the labyrinth my son had been working on yesterday morning, helping another Boy Scout with his Eagle Scout project. And third, my Daily Challenge for yesterday was to take a walk and take some pictures.

It’s at least a mile to the arboretum, which boosted my miles for the day to 5.75 (along with my running at the Y and walking the dog). With all the boys and trucks cleared away from the labyrinth, I could enjoy the peaceful experience that it was meant to provide.labyrinth

I don’t know where they got the plans for the labyrinth, but it looks like a medieval type design, though I’m not sure if it’s a 10 Circuit, 11 Circuit, or some different variation. I didn’t think to check my pedometer when I started, so I’m not sure just how long the circuitous path is, but it took several minutes to walk (and I only did the walk in; leaving, I didn’t follow the path).

Then I also had to take a picture of one of my favorite objects in the park. I don’t get that far from home walking the dog (last week I tried walking farther than usual and she got so hot she lay down and refused to move). But if we ever get to the arboretum together, I’ll have to take her here:hydrant


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