High-tech socks

When you hear “high tech,” what do you think of? Computers, probably. Or at least something with a microchip in it – which could be almost anything these days. But socks?

I buy cheap socks. Considering that I wear pants most of the time, and my socks are seen so little that I’m mostly just interested in the color not contrasting too much with my pants, it hardly seems to make sense to pay extra for fancy socks.

Plus they stick around for very long, at least not in good shape. The last set of socks I bought, I think they had holes in the toes by the second time I wore them. Or they disappear when I wash them (only one of them, of course – and probably the one that doesn’t have a hole in it).

Until I read this article in the Wall Street Journal, I figured my sock troubles are just part of life, and a fairly small problem in the big scheme of things. But now I wonder, should I try some of the newer, high-tech socks?

Perhaps my feet would thank me. I can’t seem to find socks that fit my size 9W feet very well – if I get regular size, the heel is forever sliding down below my heel, but if I get larger socks, there’s extra fabric and it bunches up. Maybe a higher quality sock would fit better and feel better.

And while I don’t buy socks often – I just wear the ones with holes in them as long as my big toe doesn’t go through the hole – a pair that lasted a lot longer might pay for itself.

I don’t know whether it would help with the running. Usually I just wear whatever socks I happen to have on for the day. Only my left foot hurts, and only in the big toe. (I’m guessing it’s because that’s the toe I injured when I was sixteen and I started running for the first time, not knowing anything about stretches, warm-ups, or proper footwear. The resulting stress fracture healed, but the pain sometimes returns.)

Unfortunately, these high performance socks cost a lot. Worth it, maybe, if they are durable and comfortable, but how do I find the right sock? I can’t buy a bunch of $15-$25 socks just to try them out. And for every model of sock with glowing customer reviews, there is always one review that says the sock was a big disappointment.

And if I did buy some of them, and they started disappearing when I do the wash, I’d be a lot more annoyed than when my cheap socks disappear. (According to unwords.com, they disappear into the hozone.)

But a well-fitting, comfortable, hole-less sock sure sounds appealing. My feet like the idea.


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