Related to an artist

I have only vague memories of my Uncle Morgan. I think I remember seeing him working on a painting, but it might be only a scene created in my imagination because I know he was an artist. (What I remember mostly from our visits to him and Aunt Margaret is eating popovers, my amazement the first time I saw their poodle after a “haircut,” watching their color TV, and playing games with Aunt Margaret.)

Now I discover that I am related to another artist. I followed my cousin’s link on Facebook to “Giraffe and Fish,” painted by her niece Mallory. Some of her other work (click on her name to see other pages) is pretty good, but I like the giraffe and fish painting best. Her description of herself as an artist is that she “gives her work a strong sense of life by working realistically with a playful and whimsical feel,” and “Giraffe and Fish” is a great example of that.


One Response to Related to an artist

  1. Margaret says:

    I really like Mallory’s art. Her grandmother Connie told me a couple years ago that she was studying art, but this was the first time I have seen any of it. Her great-great-uncle Morgan did art in the Impressionist style and did it well, but I like Mallory’s work even better. Uncle Morgan would be proud of her!

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