Carved in sand

I’ve never been much of a beach person, so I haven’t built many sand castles. I’ve seen a friend make a pretty impressive castle, but mine never were. And the waves come in too soon and wipe it all out.

So I never would have thought of sand as a medium for creating art. Of course, I never would have thought of ice or butter as good materials for sculpture, either, until I saw examples of each.

On the front page of today’s paper, I was intrigued by a photograph of two men working on a large sand sculpture. Their garden scene will be part of the 2013 Flower and Garden Show at the QCCA Expo Center.

It is the work of The Sand Sculpture Company, a firm that “specializes in creating custom sand sculptures and sand castles for all types of events worldwide.” Some of the sculptures they have done are enormous, and all are incredibly detailed.

Another company that does this is Sandscapes. Their website provides a guide to getting started doing sand sculpture, as well as a clear explanation of how sand can hold together well enough to form these incredible works of art.

It almost makes me wish I lived near a beach.


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