Poem of praise

God of the heavens,
I praise you for the clouds.
Clouds that rain on grass and crops,
Clouds that cool our days and warm our nights,
Dark clouds with silver outlining,
Reminding us that there is always hope,
Odd-shaped clouds that spur imagination
To see dragons, dogs, or dinosaurs.
For radiant sunsets, sparkling stars,
And awe-inspiring lightning shows.

God of the earth,
I praise you for the trees.
Majestic redwoods and melancholy willows,
Trees to climb and trees to give us shade,
Trees that herald spring with budding green
And thrill our falls with changing colors,
Trees that are ever-green, that play a part
In yearly joyful Christmas celebrations.
For mountains, rivers, forests, plains, and seas,
For flowering meadows, orchards ripe with fruit,
For birds and fish, for whales and ants,
For snails and cheetahs, dogs and cats.

God of wonders,
I praise you for your goodness,
Friendly smiles and family’s embrace,
Helpful words and heroes’ great examples,
Sins forgiven and soul and body healed,
Truth revealed and mysteries explained,
Enmities extinguished,
Dark desires dissolved,
Fear replaced by faith,
And death destroyed.

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