Where to find a good cup of coffee

Coffee mocha

Favorite place to grab a cup of coffee? My kitchen, of course. But my favorite place to drink it is in the living room, in a comfortable armchair, with a good book.

Anyplace else I get coffee, it's usually too strong. If I pour it myself, I mix it with hot water. That way it doesn't need so much milk or other sweetener to make it taste good.

I used to add hot chocolate mix to my coffee, plus milk, but since last fall I've tried to stay away from adding sugar to my coffee. At home, I add blackstrap molasses, plus milk. At work, I add unsweetened cocoa powder and powdered milk.

If the coffee isn't too strong, though, and especially if it has good taste (obviously I differ with a lot of coffee drinkers on what tastes good), just some milk is enough.

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One Response to Where to find a good cup of coffee

  1. modestypress says:

    I’m a Puritan at heart. I drink my coffee straight black. My wife only drinks tea. Strange bedfellows. (Though I drink tea, also.)

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