Farmers market at work

Every now and then I tell myself I should try to get to one of the farmers markets around here during the summer. But I am generally happy with the produce at the supermarket near our house, and driving three times as far to get to a farmers market, at an inconvenient time in my schedule, has not been a high priority.

This week at work I saw an announcement of a farmers market that would be at our workplace on Thursdays around lunchtime. This is part of one of the health initiatives promoted by the health committee at the plant next to our IT department.

Talk about convenience! All I had to do was walk out the front door (ten feet from my desk), and walk halfway down the parking lot. (It was a nice walk in today’s somewhat cooler weather – I would have been less eager to go in yesterday’s record-breaking 105 degree heat.) I was one of the first customers, and the sellers at the two stalls were still setting out their vegetables.

The rest of my family is not as fond of fresh vegetables as I am. (I have worked at it, over the last couple of years, to get myself in the habit of eating them and now, finally, to really enjoy them.) So I limited myself to three nice ripe tomatoes (what a difference from the ones at the supermarket, even the ones that look nice and red), a starburst squash, a banana pepper, and a zucchini.

I’ve never eaten a starburst squash, but they looked so nice and bright – and small enough that I could eat one easily and not worry about what to do with leftovers. I’ll have to look up how to cook one – and while I’m at it I can look for a recipe for the banana pepper. I told the seller that I’ve only eaten them out of a jar, in sub sandwiches, and he said he’s heard they’re good stuffed with cheese. Sounds good!

I don’t know that the prices were any better than at the supermarket, but they weren’t any higher, either. (Actually it’s hard to decide how to compare them, since except for the tomatoes, they were sold per piece rather than per pound.) And now I have some great vegetables waiting for me in the crisper.


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