Problems with Plinky

Occasionally, in my search for something worthwhile to blog about, I check out the prompts at Plinky. And once in a while one of those is something interesting enough to answer. One nice thing about Plinky is that it will automatically post my answer there to my blog here.

Or at least it’s supposed to. It did until this week. I actually found three prompts to answer in the past three days (admittedly, one was from Sunday – I just couldn’t see doing a Plinky prompt on Easter when I could blog about Easter itself). But as of right now, at least, none of my answers has made it to my blog here. Over on Plinky, each one says “sharing post…” and the cursor does the “hourglass” thing (actually it’s a circle that keeps going around) on and on and on unless I click on Cancel.

I sent an email to their tech support, but I haven’t heard anything yet. So if you’re interesting in what I had to say about growing vegetables, going to the library, or setting up shop, you’ll have to go there to read about it.

Gardening without a green thumb

A visit to the library

Selling fun and games


One Response to Problems with Plinky

  1. I’m having this problem too, it’s annoying…

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