Happy LOL Day!

I don’t know that I made anyone laugh out loud, but I did get a lot of smiles today when people saw the bunny hat I was wearing. I sit at the front desk, so lots of people got to smile as they walked past. And to visitors who asked, I explained that today was LOL Day in Iowa.

Our company wants to promote healthy habits, and laughter is healthy. So we were invited to wear silly shirts, hats, and/or socks today. My fish shirt isn’t quite “silly” but it’s not exactly normal work attire. It didn’t get nearly as much attention as my hat did, though.

We were also invited to play games in one of the conference rooms during lunch, but apparently no one felt an urge to play Connect 4, Operation, or Jenga. I played Bop-It for a few minutes (after checking to see that no one seemed to be in the CIO’s office next door – there’s no volume control on the Bop-It). I’m not really good with games that require speed, but after several tries I managed a score of 46.

It was a reasonably good day at work. But if you really want to laugh out loud, silly clothes are nothing compared to what you can find at the Damn You Auto Correct website. If off-color language really bothers you, don’t go there. But the fact that people don’t mean to say those things, and it’s the autocorrect feature of their phones that make them “say” such embarrassing things, is what makes them so funny. I don’t laugh out loud at much, but after reading these for a while it’s pretty hard not to.


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