A brief update

We have temporarily lost internet access at home, which is why I haven’t posted the past three days and probably won’t be posting much for the next week and a half. According to records in a computer somewhere, an episode from the current season of Psych was downloaded and then uploaded, and it was traced to our cable modem. As this is a copyright violation (the uploading in particular is the issue), and it is not the first time this has happened (we don’t know how it happened before either), our ISP cut off our internet access for two weeks.

I don’t mind spending evenings reading books instead of checking the news on the internet, reading blogs, taking a turn in my games of Scrabble and Word with Friends, or the other online activities that I generally spend some time on each evening. I do mind not being able to write blog posts about the books I’ve read. I thought at first that I could write the posts at home, then post them from my computer at work. I just have to email myself the file… except that I can’t email without the internet.

It’s surprising to realize all the things I’m used to doing on the internet. This weekend I used it to find a recipe for a chocolate pumpkin cake which I made for a potluck supper. Last week I placed an order for some clothes for my husband, and now I can’t check on the order status. I can’t read book reviews to help me decide whether or not to purchase a particular book as a gift.

I do have internet access at work, but there’s not much time during breaks and lunch to catch up on things. (Right now I’m staying late to write this.) Besides, I’m trying to do extra work, filling in for a friend/co-worker who had a bad accident Tuesday. (She lost control on the snow-covered icy road, and had a head-on collision with a semi. She broke some vertebrae in her lower neck and now has a metal plate and some screws in her neck, but is otherwise OK and is being released from the hospital today!)

So that’s what’s new here, and why you won’t see much from me for a while. But I’ll get lots of reading done, and have several books to review when I’m finally able to spend enough time online to write about them.

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