A GOOD website

I came across the GOOD website because it is one of Room to Read’s promotional partners (see my post from yesterday). I’ve never seen their quarterly magazine, which donates subscription fees to charities designated by the subscriber (from a limited list, which includes Room to Read). And I’m not too clear on just what GOOD is all about – perhaps because it has changed its focus in the five years since it was started. But I like the website, which is full of interesting links.

Take a look at remakes of famous paintings. We’ve all seen remakes (mostly parodies) of American Gothic, but here are remakes of many different paintings (including some I am not familiar with). Note: there are dozens and dozens of images, so the site can take quite a while to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Are you interested in learning how hummingbirds cope with rain? (I have to admit, I’d never even thought about how that might be a problem.) Have you ever thought about how can touring an art museum improve the quality of life for someone with Alzheimer’s? Do you have any good ideas on how to get more people to take advantage of bottle deposit systems?

I find the website somewhat confusing to navigate, especially when a link takes me to nothing but another link. Some pages seem to take a long time to load, even when there don’t seem to be a lot of graphics. But there’s so much good stuff that the links go to, that I’m willing to spend the time it takes to get to there.


One Response to A GOOD website

  1. modestypress says:

    I appreciate the tip to this website. As a person with a sardonic (not to say “black” sense of humor), I have to note that the article about inventors killed by their own inventions is a bit on the morbid side. I was amused, however, and perhaps relieved that I am not smart enough to invent anything so clever.

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