An assemblage artist

My cousin shared this on facebook, with the comment “Too good not to share…” The thumbnail picture looked like a Monet painting, but when you see the detail, it’s not a painting at all. And if you go to the artist’s own website, you can see a video zooming in on the details from various angles. From some angles, it looks like the mess on my son’s floor before he cleans up all his toys. But from the right perspective, it does look like a Monet painting again.

I’m always fascinated by artwork that uses unconventional materials. There’s a lot of junk art out there that is more junk than art, and I’m not equally impressed by all of Tom Deininger’s work. But how many people could make such realistic-looking eyes? And how about this cute bunny? I like collecting bunny figurines, but I wouldn’t want this one around my house because of the stink – it’s made from used cigarette butts.


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