Cake vs. Pie

Right now I'm trying to "Eat Right for Life" and there aren't too many cakes or pies that seem to fit the criteria for the Right fats and the Right carbohydrates. But if someone can make one that is both healthy and tasty …. Mmmmmmm!

Mince Pies

Cake or pie? Pie, definitely.

I've never been much of a cake person. Too many cakes just don't have a lot of flavor, and they're covered for frosting that's way too sweet and has hardly any flavor. I've occasionally had a good cake, but not very often. (Even a poor cake isn't bad with ice cream, though.)

Pies, however, are almost always good. Even if you burn the top crust (which I have done more than once), the filling is still good and so is the bottom crust. I never wanted to make pies back when I was growing up and saw my father trying to make a pie crust, but now you can buy pre-made crusts, so I've never tried to make my own (unless you count crumb crusts).

Picking a favorite kind, though – that's a challenge. Mince is one of my favorites, but it would be hard to choose between mince and a really good strawberry rhubarb pie. And even an ordinary apple pie, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream … mmmmmm!

Then there's coconut cream pie (too bad no one else in my family likes coconut). And pecan pie (too rich to eat very much, though). Cheesecake pie – hmmm, is that a cake or a pie?

And then there are pies that aren't for desserts. I've always loved chicken pot pie. It was one of my favorite TV dinners as a child, and occasionally I still buy one of those little frozen pies. A lot of things aren't as good as I remember, but those pies are always good.

And what about a "pizza pie"? So many delicious possibilities.

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One Response to Cake vs. Pie

  1. Karen O says:

    I’m a cake person, myself. But I do like pies, especially cream pies. And I enjoy a good chicken or beef pot pie, with the crust on the top & on the bottom. (I’ve been disappointed in the past to get ones with crust only on the top.)

    Your mention of cheesecake reminds me of something I was going to post on Facebook…

    Why is it we call Cheesecake a cake, but it’s really a pie? And then there’s Boston Cream Pie, which is really a cake.

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