Strange verse

My mind goes in odd directions when I first get up in the morning. While showering this morning, I thought of some poetical definitions that you will not find in the dictionary.

universe: a poem that so effectively compacts meaning that it expresses the complete meaning of life in a single line

diverse: a poem that recognizes that the meaning of life cannot be encompassed in a single line, and therefore does it in two

averse: prose

adverse: those annoying jingles from commercials, that run through your mind and keep you from thinking productively

perverse: the rate at which people are paid for writing commercial jingles

converse: antipathy to poetry

Feel free to add your own. I couldn’t think of definitions I really liked for inverse, reverse, obverse, traverse, or transverse.


2 Responses to Strange verse

  1. modestypress says:

    inverse: a brilliant poem in your mind that you never share with anyone else.

    reverse: an Emily Dickenson poem, polished to the point of perfection.

    obverse: roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweer, I love you.


    transverse: well this is a little controversial, so don’t read it:

  2. Peter L says:

    inverse- an epic story written in poetic form (epic poetry was the predecessor to the modern novel.)

    reverse- a repeating line or stanza in a poem, or poetry read backwards.

    obverse- a poem meant to be read while standing on your head or hanging upside down.

    traverse- a marching rhyme

    transverse- a poem that shifts rhythm or meter (like a transmission does in a car)

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