Ahoy matey!

Things were slow at Long John Silver’s when Al and I walked in for lunch today, so I hope we livened things up just a little by showing up in pirate garb. Nothing very fancy, but we had eye patches, bandannas, and earrings. They gave us some cardboard hats to add to the effect, though I doubt any self-respecting pirate goes around as a walking advertisement for fast food. (The food was very good however.)

Back at home, we set out on a treasure hunt. Someone had left clues hidden around our backyard, ranging from rhyming riddles to word puzzles to a photo cut into pieces. Pirate Cap’n Al required help from some of his crew for a few of them (I played first mate, medic, and pirate lore specialist), but we finally found the treasure chest hidden beneath a large fir-tree. Loot included chocolate filled doubloons, magic tricks, and a pirate rubber duck.

Then it was time to enjoy some chocolate cake and watch Muppet Treasure Island. Cannons were blazing on the cake by the time it reached the birthday boy, but he quickly stopped them from doing any damage to our family room. After the movie, Dad took a turn at Sid Meier’s Pirates on the Wii – it’s the sort of game that he’s much more experienced at than I am (not pirates specifically, but fighting enemies, gathering loot and crew, buying and selling, and planning where to go next.

And that’s pretty typical of how things go here. I do the arts and crafts, cooking, and party planning, and Dad does the computer and video games with the boys. It works out well, and I think we all had a swashbuckling good time.


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