Monster in Muscatine

I’ve been driving around with my digital camera in the car lately, so that I’ll have it handy when I come across the kraken. Crossing the bridge back into Iowa this afternoon, after dropping off my younger son at Boy Scout camp, it occurred to me that it would be a perfect time to go looking for giant pink tentacles.

I knew from the photo in the newspaper that the creature was somewhere downtown. I didn’t remember quite where, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard to find. I drove slowly through the business district, taking advantage of the stop signs at each corner to look right and left in case the creature was on one of the side streets.

But as I approached the Pearl Plaza, I saw it right ahead. It had moved since the article in the paper was published, but then they had said it probably would move around some. It’s not at all camera-shy, and I was able to photograph it from several angles. I think this one shows off its graceful shape (and bright pink complexion) the best.

I was somewhat disappointed when I read the legend behind the kraken’s most recent appearance. It’s such an exotic-looking creature, it should have a more exotic legend. What did people think who saw it? Even more interesting, what did it think when it saw people? (Where exactly are a kraken’s eyes, anyway?)


2 Responses to Monster in Muscatine

  1. The Kraken says:

    A giant kraken’s eyes are on the sides of it’s enormous head of course:-)

    Nice photo!

    I sympathize with you about the legend. I’ll just say that real legends are volumes and volumes long. I feature a condensed version of the legend about me on my website because I wanted people to actually read it.

    I wouldn’t mind if you took a ‘krack’ at writing your own version of my legend! Just remember to include that I’m actually the signal of GOOD things for the places I visit.

    Until we meet again….!

  2. linda shaffer says:

    Pauline, That is SO cool; thanks for sharing it.

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