Games: Word Bubbles

Word Bubbles is my new favorite word game. I’m finally starting to tire of Word Spell, since I’ve played it so many times that I hardly ever come across a set of letters I’m not so familiar with that I know without thinking much what five- and six-letter words I can make. (Though I still get tripped up by a few that I haven’t seen as many times, especially if I have to make a word with silent letters, such as WREATH, or two-syllable words with a short first syllable, such as RETAKE.)

I finished my three free Lumosity brain training sessions, and I’m not going to pay for full access. But fortunately, Word Bubbles is free, and so far it seems that I can play it as many times as I want to. (I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played it already.)

The idea is simple. You are given three letters, to which you must add on more letters to create words. You can add on as many letters as you want to, but it will only give you credit for three words of any given length. I reach the max pretty quickly for words of six, seven, and eight letters, then I have to think harder to come up with some more words that are shorter and longer. There is a time limit, so speed does count.

Depending on the three letters you start with, it may actually be easier to come up with longer words. I can’t think of any four-letter words, for instance, starting with PSY or IMM. But I can come up with lots of long words. Once you think of a word, the easiest way to quickly come up with more words is to add various endings to it – make it plural if it is a noun, change the tense if it is a verb, turn an adjective into an adverb, or add suffixes such as -ness, -less, and -ish.

Some sets of letters certainly are easier than others. SEA offers all sorts of possibilities, while GOO (which I have gotten at least twice already) offers little that I can think of other than GOOD and variations on it (goods, goodly, goodness, etc.). No doubt in time I’ll get tired of this game too, as I find myself doing the same sets of words over and over.

But for now it’s a lot of fun.


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