Life imitates Disney

In recent years I’ve seen reports of some unusual trans-species friendships. There are Tarra and Bella, an elephant and a dog who became best friends. Several years ago, there were Owen and Mzee, a young hippo and an old tortoise. A search of the internet turns up a variety of less well-publicized odd animal pairings (the hamster and snake have to be the most surprising, as Gohan was initially intended as a meal for Aochan, not as a companion).

But a deer standing guard over a goose’s nest differs from the above, as the relationship is not one of two companions but of protector and protected. How does the buck even know that the goose needs protection? A male deer will fight other stags to protect his herd of female deer. Does this one know that the goose is female?

I wonder if anyone has ever encountered a real-life friendship between a meerkat and a warthog.


One Response to Life imitates Disney

  1. Karen O says:

    There was a video someone posted on Facebook, from a now-defunct TV show (“Those Amazing Animals”?), that showed the friendship between a crow (I think) & a kitten. The bird was definitely looking out for the kitten. Very cute.

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