Worth waiting for

Back during the first year of this blog (2008), Karen O commented one time that she didn’t know how I came up with something new and interesting every day. I’m not sure how I did either, though of course the fact that it was the first year meant that I could use ideas then that wouldn’t be new if I used them now. Lately I haven’t had very many ideas.

And that’s what Plinky Prompts are for. I’ve been subscribing to their weekly email for quite some time now, but have never seen a prompt I really wanted to blog about. I’ve never seen a point in writing a blog post just for the sake of doing it. I write what interests me but I also hope it will interest you; if it doesn’t interest me it seems unlikely it will interest you. (Even if the topic were of interest to you, a different blog written by someone who shared that interest would make for better reading.)

But I do fancy myself a writer, and I’ve always read that writers need to write daily to be good. (Of course, there are so many things that I should do daily – exercise, prayer, Bible study, dishes, laundry, quality time with my husband, quality time with my son, not to mention going to work. The reality is that I don’t do a single one of those every single day.) So this evening I decided to use today’s Plinky Prompt and see where it takes me.

Name three things that are worth waiting in long lines for.

Hmm, that’s tough because I haven’t had to wait in lines much since moving to the rural Midwest. When I worked as a bank teller in Roscommon, MI, it amused me that my co-workers would become concerned if there were more than three people in line. (Not that I let my amusement get in the way of serving customers as efficiently as possible.) Back in Trenton, NJ, I was glad if the line at the bank was short enough that the end of the line was still inside the building.

I could tell you things that are not worth waiting in long lines for.

  • the latest popular toy (Remember Transformers? Pound Puppies? I worked at Toys ‘R Us the year those were in short supply at Christmas, and it was crazy trying to keep them on the shelves.)
  • a popular movie the first weekend it is in the theaters (If it’s a good movie, it will be just as good a couple of weeks later.)
  • a celebrity’s autograph

I remember waiting in long lines at amusement parks, back when I lived in the PA/NJ area, and I wouldn’t do that again. Of course, these days I wouldn’t want to go on any of the popular rides, because I get nauseous much more easily than I used to. And the kind of rides that I could go on without feeling sick generally don’t have long lines.

But as to things that are worth waiting for…

1. A really good deal, only available for a short time, on something I especially want to get.
I don’t do much Black Friday shopping, but I did wait in line this past November 26, at about 1 AM, to get a very low price on a special edition Wii that came not only with a special edition Mario game, but also a $50 gift card. Not that the line was all that long – there were less than ten people in front of me once I finally found the right line, but every one of them had some problem that slowed things down. What I found remarkable, considering things I had read about Black Friday shopping, was that everyone seemed to be in a good mood, patient, and friendly with fellow shoppers.

2. School and Scout activities.
I would not have waited in line to get the book my son wanted from the Scholastic Book Fair a few weeks ago, if it had been anywhere other than his school. If the line moved that slowly in a bookstore, I’d find somewhere else to buy the book – such as online. But I appreciate all that his school has done for him, and I support any school activities he wants to go to (as long as our schedule allows). Besides, he and the girl behind us spent the whole time we were waiting (must have been at least fifteen minutes) chatting and playing with the Googley Eyes pens they were buying.
I went with him to Webelos camp last summer, and spent quite a while waiting in lines with him there too. Waiting to get into the dining hall for meals, waiting for activities to start, waiting  to get in to the swimming pool… Not only is Scouts important to be involved in, and therefore worth waiting for, but if I can wait patiently, I hope that he will learn some patience also. (Still, I don’t mind not having to go with him to Boy Scout camp this coming summer.)

3. Lines at the airport.
I may not like waiting in line at the airport, but if there’s someplace I want – or need – to go that requires air travel, then I know I’m going to wait in some lines. The last two plane trips I took were for the memorial service for my mother (which also gave me the opportunity to see some good friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while), and to do some contract programming work at the company I used to work for in Michigan. Both trips were important to me, and both gave me the chance to spend time with good friends. The lines I had to wait in – getting checked in, getting screened by TSA, getting on the plane, then getting off the plane – were well worth it. Besides, I know enough to take along books to read while I wait.

What would you wait in line for?


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