Games: Dance on Broadway

I’ve been thinking for a while about getting a Wii dance game, to have some variety of games that give me a chance to get somewhat active even if I don’t want to really tire myself out. But every one of them has some negatives mentioned in reviews, and most of them cost more than I wanted to spend when I wasn’t sure I would really like it. I considered renting one from Family Video, until I found out how much that cost.

I finally picked Dance on Broadway, partly because it only cost $20, and because I’m actually familiar with some of the songs:

  • “Aquarius” (Hair)
  • “My Favorite Things” (The Sound of Music)
  • “Little Shop of Horrors Theme” (Little Shop of Horrors)
  • “Fame” (Fame)
  • Al and I tried it out tonight, and found it somewhat challenging to follow the moves, but still enjoyable. (Neither of us is particularly coordinated – we tried Dance Dance Revolution when we bought it for Zach on the PS2, and while he quickly excelled at it, we couldn’t even get through the tutorial.) With each attempt we improved, but I doubt we’ll reach the point that it’s too easy for us anytime soon.

    One thing I don’t like is that the perspective doesn’t stay the same throughout a song. I’m trying to follow the motions of one of the dancers (so far we have stuck to easy songs that had all dancers doing the same motions), and then the “camera” zooms out so that the dancer is further away and not at the same angle. But I suppose in time I’ll become familiar with the different moves (there are only so many different kinds of moves, and a little icon near the bottom of the screen shows what move is coming next), and that won’t be a problem.

    I can’t say it was much of a workout, but then we did pick only songs with the lowest level of both difficulty and effort required. By the time I feel ready to try “My Favorite Things” I would guess I’ll be getting a little more of a workout. (Instead, I switched to Wii Sports and played four matches of tennis, of which I only managed to win one.)

    But who knows? Perhaps in time I’ll actually start to feel just a little bit graceful.


    One Response to Games: Dance on Broadway

    1. Karen O says:

      Sounds like a lot of fun! The important thing is that you are moving, even if it didn’t feel like a great workout.

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