Games: Guinness Book of World Records

One of our stops during our shopping trip Saturday was at GameStop, where I looked for inexpensive Wii games. I haven’t been playing the other Wii games regularly, and thought that if I had more choices it might help. Many of them didn’t look like they’d get me active enough to do much good, but I finally settled on a couple of games.

Guinness Book of World Records: The Video Game could certainly not be described as a workout video, but it at least gets me standing up and moving my hands/arms, which must be at least marginally more healthy than sitting at the computer or reading a book. It’s also funny, with the ridiculous things that you try to get a world record for, and laughing is certainly good for one’s health.

A lot of the real world records recorded by Guinness are pretty silly, and I have never taken much interest in them. I wouldn’t ever try to get a world record for something I could actually do, since I can’t think of anything I could do better than any of the six billion plus people in the world, and I’m not interested in trying to do something more times or for longer than anyone else would be foolish enough to do.

But some of the activities in the game are not only ridiculous, but impossible outside of a video game. And that puts them back in the realm of fun, at least for me. How fast could you eat an airplane? First you have to bash it to pieces (“hit” it with the Wii remote), then eat the pieces (point the remote at the place you want to take a bite). It took me a few tries, but I beat the world record.

The instructions for each activity are pretty meager – just a visual of which way to move the Wii remote. Some activities, like cracking open watermelons with your head, are very straightforward. Shearing sheep is a little harder (for some reason, you can only shear at a particular angle). Tearing a phone book in half really had us puzzled for a while, until we figured out that you have to move the remote and nunchuck a certain way until the word “HOLD” shows on the screen, then hold still until it says “TEAR,” then move the remote and nunchuck a different way.

One good thing about the game, from my point of view, is that Al can do the activities as well as I can. He hasn’t done as well at eating a plane yet, but he did way better than I did at the BMX jump, and I haven’t quite matched his record at throwing plungers (without hitting the girl in the middle of the target) or throwing a washing machine. He hasn’t tried pulling a plane yet, but since he’s on spring break this week, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of new records for me to break by the weekend.


One Response to Games: Guinness Book of World Records

  1. modestypress says:

    Is there a record for not missing a deadline for making your blog post?

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