Our new Boy Scout

Five years ago, when Al was a Tiger Cub, I never expected him to make it all the way to earning his Arrow of Light. There were things he liked about Cub Scouts, but there were also so many challenges. There was always something new to learn or to do, and with his autism that was a challenge in and of itself. There were physical activities that he found difficult, outdoors activities that meant there were bugs flying around, group activities that meant cooperating with other boys.

Yet somehow he continued, year after year, until this afternoon he was awarded the Arrow of Light, and bridged over to Boy Scouts. He was warmly welcomed into Troop 167, one of the four troops that boys from his Webelos den chose for their continuing journey in Boy Scouts. He is happy and proud – as are we.

2 Responses to Our new Boy Scout

  1. Karen O says:

    Yay for Al!

    And Yay for Pauline, who has helped him through the years to get to where he is now!

  2. modestypress says:

    Congratulations. So often perseverance is what wins the day.

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