Learning from Google

I don’t always have much interest in the subject of Google doodles, but at least I usually know what they are about. Today’s doodle was a surprise, because I had never heard of Constantin Brâncuşi – or at least if I had, I had no memory of who he was.

In college I took a required course on Man and the Arts, which included a survey of art history, some concepts for art appreciation, and what should be a Christian’s view of art and creativity. It also discussed how much of modern art is at odds with a Christian worldview, and how certain artists influenced the divergence of art from truth. Since Brancusi is considered one of the fathers of modern art, I would think we would have discussed his work.

Well, maybe we did. That was thirty years ago, and while I enjoyed the class sessions that focused on music, I never took as much interest in visual art. But now, with Google’s influence, I just may have to learn more about Brancusi. Certainly the objects in the doodle that honors him have a certain appeal.


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