A Comedian I might like

I never heard of Doogie Horner before this evening, but after reading his flowchart designed to “Explain the Internet to a 19th Century British Street Urchin,” I’m going to have to find some more of his flowcharts. Just looking at his website is almost enough to persuade me to buy Everything Explained through Flowcharts.

I don’t generally care for the brand of humor used by standup comics, and it could be that when I’ve read far enough I’ll decide I don’t like Doogie Horner all that well either. (I have to admit that the title of his book Dirty Jokes Every Man Should Know does not exactly win me over.) But if I don’t, probably my husband will. (By that I do not mean that what I don’t like he will and vice versa – rather that his taste in humor is much broader than mine and I suspect this would appeal to him whether it does to me or not.)

Too bad the book isn’t yet available in Nook format. (My husband just got a Nook, and while I haven’t read anything on it yet, I’ve seen the screen enough to be amazed at the incredible clarity of the text.) Though I suppose large graphics such as flowcharts do not lend themselves well to the e-reader format.

Which makes me wonder, how would you explain the Nook or the Kindle to a 19th century British street urchin?


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