What could you do with a flying car?

I rarely link to video content – most of what’s out there isn’t worth the bandwidth. But Maverick Flying Car at Oshkosh is worth watching. 

You know those questions people sometimes ask, like “What would you do with a million dollars?” I always say I’d pay off my debt first, give some to church, save some for our sons’ college education and for our retirement. I don’t think that would leave anything much for splurging on ourselves, but if I had $84,000 I’d get my husband a Maverick from I-TEC.

Partly it’s because, after he saw this video on a friend’s post on facebook, he said how much he’d love to be the first one on his block to have a flying car. More than that, it’s because I’d want to help make one missionary’s dream a reality, to get some of these vehicles in use in the Amazon jungle to help people get better access to health care.

When we first watched the video, we had no idea who the man was driving and talking about the car. I figured he was just some inventor who came up with a great idea for a flying car and wanted to prove what it could do. Then he mentioned having grown up on the mission field, and wanting to create a vehicle to meet the needs he had seen there.

When he said something about his father and other missionaries having been killed, I realized who he was. A couple of years ago we watched The End of the Spear, and the real Steve Saint appeared at the very end. I hadn’t recognized him in this video, but that had to be who he was. Sure enough, one of the men he was talking to remembered the story of Jim Elliot, and this man (the one with the Maverick) said Nate Saint was his father.

If I-TEC (Indigenous People’s Technology and Education Center) is to get the Maverick into production – as they hope to next year – they need to be able to sell it to people with the money and interest in this unusual car (depending on the model, it not only flies, it can also go on water, makes an excellent ATV, and is pretty darn fast on the highway). Steve doesn’t care so much what they want it for – as an expensive toy, a way to avoid traffic jams, or to “be the first on the block to own one.” Their purchases will enable I-TEC to get some where they’re most needed – among tribes like the Waodani.


One Response to What could you do with a flying car?

  1. Margaret says:

    Yes, the name Saint caught my eye. I haven’t seen the movie The End of the Spear, but I have read the book and gone to Steve Saint’s website. I suppose he must have grown up reading Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, as we did? Still, it is pretty amazing what people can manage to actually create.

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