Earth as Art

 I think this would be a cool picture to hang on the wall, even if only as a poster. (Why is it that only children and teens are expected to put posters on their walls?) Like the other images in this series, it looks more like the work of an imaginative artist than of a satellite capturing images of the earth.

Of course, since these Landsat 7 scenes were “created for aesthetic purposes rather than scientific interpretation,” I suppose you could say they were the work of an imaginative artist. There is little information about how the images were made, though I assume that it involves some way to select what color or colors show up. (I happen to particularly like the shade of blue in the image referenced above.)

This image of the Great Salt Desert in Iran looks like someone had fun swirling different shades of brown and blue paint. This one in black and white reminds me of some fantasy-themed drawings. Some are clearly recognizable as part of our planet; others could as easily (to my eye) be microscopic views as those taken from far above earth.

I’m used to seeing satellite pictures filled with shades of green, blue, and red. But I’m curious what creates an image full of yellow and crimson, or orange, black, and white. Or how about this mostly black and grey image, with a bright streak of red running across it? 

I’ve always enjoyed seeing photos of ordinary items turned into art by the photographer’s eye. Someday I hope to have the time and opportunity to create some myself – but probably never from the satellite”s-eye view.


One Response to Earth as Art

  1. Karen O says:

    I think putting a poster in a simple frame makes it perfectly acceptable art for the wall.

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