Five favorite things about Fall

  • Fresh apples. I know these days you can buy most fruit, including apples, year-round, because we can get them from other parts of the world. But there’s something about biting into a nice juicy McIntosh apple on a crisp fall day…
  • Fall foliage. I don’t get to see a lot of it these days, though there are more trees here in town than I would have expected there to be before we moved to Iowa (my mental image of the state was one gigantic cornfield with a few roads snaking through). Of course, having some of that foliage in my own yard leads to raking leaves. My husband can’t understand why I would rather rake leaves than use the leaf blower. But it seems to me I get them done just a quickly with a rake, and my arms will get tired holding and pointing a leaf blower. So if I’m going to tire my arms, I’d rather do with without the noise and without using electricity. I like the sound of dry leaves crackling, and the freshness in the air. And there’s something satisfying about clearing the yard of leaves – after the trees have stopped dropping more.
  • Halloween. I like coming up with costume ideas, both for me to wear to work, and helping my son with his costume. I also like the candy. I ate a snack-size Snickers at work the other day (someone had left a bowl of candy for us to help ourselves), and the taste just said “Halloween” to me. Same with the Reese’s cup I ate the other night.
  • An extra hour of sleep. I know I don’t really gain an extra hour tonight any more than I lose an hour in the spring. I have exactly the same number of hours in a year that people do in countries where they don’t change the clock twice a year. But it feels like I’m getting an extra hour tonight, and I’m looking forward to it.
  • Anticipation of more holidays. I started thinking about Thanksgiving dinner while I raked leaves today. With our older son at college (we’ve suggested he try to spend Thanksgiving with relatives in Michigan, which would be a much shorter trip than coming home), I don’t think we really need a whole turkey. But both my son and my husband love drumsticks. So maybe I buy just some turkey drumsticks. Or maybe a turkey breast too, so we can have some turkey tetrazzini with the leftovers.
    And of course then there’s Christmas. They were already putting up shelves of Christmas merchandise in Wal-Mart the day before Halloween. I like looking at Christmas ornaments, even if I don’t generally buy any (we haven’t put up the big tree in at least a couple of years). I like Christmas music, and Christmas shopping (which I already started, with the Nerf rifle for our older son).
    But I’m in no hurry for the snow…

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