Games: Electric Box

At my son Al’s insistence, I went to and looked for a game on my own. I quickly found Electric Box, and have been enjoying it until I got stuck on level 8. It’s similar to some other games I have seen where you have to put together components to make a system work. But instead of moving an object or the contraption itself, what needs to be moved is electrical current.

Actually, I have to amend that statement about not moving parts of the system. One component available at some levels is an electro magnet (although the picture looks like a simple horseshoe magnet, it only operates when current is provided to its location). The magnet can pull other components out of their initial position, which can mess up your plans but is also necessary to make certain levels work.

Other components, at least at the levels I have completed, are teapots and steam detectors, laser devices and laser detectors, water dispensers and water turbines, and light bulbs and solar panels. All of these work in pairs, one component providing the “fuel” that the other component turns into electric current. Of course, the first component needs power to get started, which comes from the main power supply. From there on, you have to make sure the power gets to the next component that needs it.

There are also fans, which can move steam from where it is rising from the teapot to another spot to position it for the steam detector. And there are mirrors, which don’t require any power, and can reflect the laser light around obstacles. These immovable blocks, found in some levels, block air, steam, light, and apparently also rain and moving bots, though I haven’t yet encountered those last two. They do allow wires and electrical current to pass through, however.

One odd component is a “charger light,” that first requires power to charge it but then requires that the power but removed for it to generate light. (I suppose there may be such a component in the real world but I don’t remember ever encountering one.) On level 8, where I am currently stuck, there is and IPS battery, which can be charged up and continue to provide power after other power sources are removed.

That battery would be useful if there were an electro magnet that were moving my steam detector from its position. But there is no magnet on level 8, so I haven’t figured out what to do with the battery yet. Or with the fan, since if I try to use it to redirect the steam from the teapot, either the steam detector gets the steam and there’s none left for the fan to blow, or – if I position the fan where it will get the steam before the steam detector does – there’s no power to turn on the fan to begin with.

Well, maybe I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

[11/1/10  Yup, I figured it out today. I guess I just needed to start fresh. I took a look at level 8, and figured it out almost immediately.]


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