Games: Sola Rola – the gravity maze

My son Al is certainly getting good at finding games I like. Today his recommendation was Sola Rola. I had no idea what a gravity maze was, but I agreed to try it. I was hooked by the end of the fifth level (there are 48).

There’s no problem seeing paths through the maze to your destination. The challenge is getting there, because you have to use gravity to move. Instead of moving directly, you  have to turn the maze – a bit like those wooden labyrinths where you had to roll the ball through the maze by tipping the maze in one direction or another.

But this one is more challenging, because there are not one but two balls. (And they’re not just balls, they’re characters called Wiz and Waz who sometimes carry on conversations.) So it’s sort of like one of those plastic maze games with two or more balls that you have to try to get both (or all) the balls in the holes. Except that those toys are generally cheaply made, and irregularities in the plastic tend to affect the balls’ behavior as much as gravity.

To add further complications, there are sometimes colored gates that the balls have to pass through, and the only way to get one through is for the other to be on a switch of the same color. Some levels have a “gravity beam” that connects Wiz and Waz. Also, Waz is bigger (and heavier) than Wiz, so you have to take that into account too.  

Right now I’m stuck on level  28, which is probably just as well as I really need to stop playing and go to bed.


3 Responses to Games: Sola Rola – the gravity maze

  1. Margaret says:

    I went to the site but couldn’t figure out how to get the game started. Oh well, I’m not very good with computers.

    • Pauline says:

      Apparently sometimes it loads and sometimes it doesn’t. I had no problem with it loading yesterday, on either of our computers. But today when I went back in to see if there were any tips to help you out, it wouldn’t load for me either, even when I refreshed the page several times. User comments complain about this problem also. So I hope the developer does something to fix it.

  2. Pauline says:

    I also find it annoying that, despite the fact I created a (free) account on so it would keep track of my score, it doesn’t recognize all the levels I played on the other computer, only the first five that I re-played on this computer. And higher levels are locked, so I can’t skip ahead to the next level beyond what I played on the other computer.
    But it did load this time.

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