Camping, caves, and cake

Al and I returned late this morning from our first Boy Scout campout. I am happy to return to indoor plumbing, a real bed, and things to do besides watch boys play Baggo or make jokes about farting. I also am happy to say that Al did pretty well, though he found it difficult to deal with the lack of a fixed schedule – especially when it came to meals.

We both enjoyed the hike, during a nice rain-free stretch of a few hours yesterday afternoon. I was glad that some of the other Scouts helped him on the steeper parts of the trail, both because means he will feel welcome in their troop, and because I feel none too steady myself on a steep muddy trail covered with wet leaves. We both stayed on the ground while most of the boys climbed up to a cave, however.

I learned that modern Boy Scouts don’t cook everything over a fire. There was a camp stove to warm up pulled pork for sandwiches, and canned corn, and later to heat the spaghetti sauce and to boil water both for the spaghetti and to wash up afterwards. Cake, however, was cooked in a dutch oven covered with hot coals. Breakfast casserole was cooked the same way this morning.

One Response to Camping, caves, and cake

  1. renaissanceguy says:

    Some of the best food I ate was during campouts when I was a Boy Scout. I can still build a decent fire and cook delicious meals over it. I loved every minute of those excursions. Thanks for taking me back to those days.

    I am glad for Al that he is having such experiences. I think that every boy should.

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