Storytelling with a twist

Earlier this week I saw a post on facebook from the children’s librarian at our local library, telling about a special storytelling event this morning. She provided a link to Creations with a Twist, and when I saw the picture of this cute little guy, I decided we had to go see this unusual storyteller.

I’ve seen lots of balloon artists, but none who did creations as complex as these. And none who combined the balloon art with telling stories. He makes a balloon mask for each character in the story, and has volunteers from the audience come up to help tell/act out the story.

I had been concerned about whether my son would be upset if there were so many children that he wasn’t chosen as a volunteer, but there turned out to be more roles available than children willing to volunteer. So he got to be a giant mosquito, and when even adults were asked join in, Al insisted I raise my hand, and I got to be a gremlin.

 Then when the program was over, we each got to take home whatever balloon mask we had worn. Al has been wearing his everywhere. So if you see a giant mosquito in the next few days, you’ll know where it came from…


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