Bored? Check out Bored Panda claims to be the only magazine for pandas. I would hardly dispute their claim, but among their 300.000 – 600.000 monthly visitors, I think there must be quite a few non-pandas. I found Bored Panda via First Thoughts, where blogger Joe Carter posted a link to 50 Most Extraordinary Churches of the World.

I happen to have an interest in seeing all sorts of church buildings. Visiting them in person is better, but seeing pictures on the internet is still pretty good, especially in the case of some of these highly pleasing visual images. I have actually visited two of the fifty, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, and Chapel in the Rock in Arizona.

Near the bottom of the page, I found a link to another set of photos, this one showing familiar objects made unfamiliar by magnification through a microscope. Some I’ve seen photos of before, such as red blood cells, snowflakes, and a fly’s eye. I’m not too surprised to see how bad a split end (of a human hair) looks close up, and I probably shouldn’t have been surprised by the look of copy paper. In part II, the surface of the tongue and of shark skin were very interesting.

So next time you’re bored, you know where to go. Whether you like to eat bamboo or not.


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