Cartoons: A Corny Concerto

Al and I just finished watching Toon Factory: Bugs Bunny Bond Rally, a DVD he had checked out of the library. I might not have even watched it with him (as some of the videos advertised as “classic” cartoons are just plain old cartoons, not particularly entertaining) except that he’s been sick, and when he asked me to please watch it with him I couldn’t refuse.

Some of the cartoons were not in fact all that entertaining (I didn’t care much for “The Sunshine Makers”), but other most definitely were. Just seeing what cartoons were like from years when my parents were young adults (many of them were from the 1940’s) was interesting. The animation style is so different, though I see some aspects familiar from watching the true classics of that era.

There is the shape of the legs and the eyes of the characters, the way backgrounds were drawn, and especially the greater use of music and action rather than dialog to tell the story. Plus a certain amount of playfulness (for lack of a better term) – things the characters do that add nothing particular to the storyline, but seem to be purely for the fun of it, as they dance or bump or bounce in rhythm to the music and to each other.

I enjoyed “Peeping Penguins” and “Hunky and Spunky,” but the most memorable of the whole set would have to be “A Corny Concerto.” You can watch it yourself on YouTube here. I didn’t realize at the time that it was a spoof of Fantasia, though I’m sure I recognized some obvious similarities. I’m not familiar enough with the history of animation to know which cartoons came before others, so I could as easily have thought Fantasia got ideas from this short cartoon.

It’s full of clever animation, and of course the music (Strauss waltzes) is great. It’s short – less than eight minutes. So take some time to watch it, and enjoy!


One Response to Cartoons: A Corny Concerto

  1. V.E.G. says:

    There is a cartoon called “A Corny Concerto” The character, a Buzzard, has the haircut like Ish Kabibble (Merwyn Alton Bogue). Bogue is the extremely distant cousin of a woman from Moffat County and she died very unexpectedly.

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