Fish with hands, and other strange creatures

Computer graphics can produce such realistic portrayals of imaginary creatures that I could easily have believed these were the work of CGI artists. But these handfish really do exist, and they really do walk on their footlike fins.

Or take a look at this ghostshark. It would fit perfectly into a sci-fi movie set undersea, perhaps in a dark mounting-tension sequence.

These red crabs don’t look quite as bizarre – aside from their bright red coloring (despite the bright color of crabs in cartoons, crabs generally only turn red when cooked). But how would you like to be in their path? The dozens shown in this picture are just a tiny sample of the millions that hike for days from the rain forest plateau down to the beaches, disrupting everyone’s life as they pass through.

And speaking of crabs, I wouldn’t want to mess with this coconut crab. I remember watching my mother try to open a coconut, and it wasn’t easy. This crab does it, though, and it doesn’t look like it’s even as big as the three feet that this species can grow to. Reminds me of the creatures on Myterious Island!


2 Responses to Fish with hands, and other strange creatures

  1. Paul Wynn says:

    Now I know you’re a big fan of monsterfish on the Discovery Channel! BTW can i ask you a personal question about religion?

    • Pauline says:

      I don’t get the Discovery Channel, or any other channel except the local public service channel. (Cable got too expensive.) I like checking out the news and photos at, though.

      Feel free to ask whatever you like. I like discussing religion, both from a personal and philosophical/theological perspective. If you’d rather use email, it’s

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