Journey towards Hope

The title of this blog could be a profound statement about life, but it happens to be much more prosaic. This morning we are setting out, in our now jam-packed Mitsubishi Montero, to take our older son to Hope College in Michigan. Freshman Orientation begins this evening – and so does Parent Orientation. (Younger siblings get their own program, which is primarily about having fun.)

For eighteen years I’ve tried to imagine what kind of young man my son would turn into. So far I’m very pleased and proud, not just with his academic success but his character. I’ve no idea what his job prospects will be as a vocalist or a vocal music teacher, but he is a talented musician. (I love the instrumental composition he has worked on recently, as he tried to imagine what a soundtrack to a movie adaptation of a particular story would sound like.)

So our journey is not just the five and a half trip up to Holland, Michigan, but also into a new phase of our family’s life. And hope is always a key element in facing the future with a positive attitude.


One Response to Journey towards Hope

  1. Peter L says:

    Ah, yes. Driving a child to college. Our oldest daughter went to school just 70 miles away, but it was a hard trip home. And we never know what our children will become.

    At her wedding, I heard things about her during the reception that made me wonder who raised her, as everyone had glowing reports. It is a wonderful God we serve, who has our children in His hands.

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