Fast fish

2:00 PM   The annual company-sponsored “Fishing Fun Day” starts. Al and I are still in the car on the way there.

2:07 PM   We arrive, sign in, and get our cup of worms.

2:15 PM   We have picked out some of the free snacks (bottled water and Goldfish crackers), and found a grassy spot to sit down. Unfortunately, all the shady spots have been taken by people who got there earlier.

2:18 PM   Al makes the first cast, after I get a worm on the hook. He promptly hooks someone else’s fishing line. Her father untangles the lines.

2:30 PM   Sweat is running down my face and down my back. Al is saying he is hot (I check later and find that the heat index is 96). I wonder how long this will take, and how many worms. I remind myself of Bible verses about patience.

2:31 PM   My thoughts are abruptly interrupted. “I’ve got one!” Sure enough, there is something on the other end of his line, which he is reeling in as quickly as he can.

2:33 PM   I am taking a picture of Al and his bass. The bass is flopping around, making it hard to get a good picture. But Al is smiling. He caught this one all by himself (not counting putting the worm on the hook).

2:38 PM   We turn in our remaining worms, and head back to the car, with the fish flopping around in the bucket I carry.

2:49 PM   I stop at the dollar store to buy a few things.

2:59 PM   We step into our air-conditioned house, and Al announces that we have a fish.

3:20 PM   I start writing a blog post about our fast fishing trip. I wonder much longer it will take me to kill and fillet the fish than it did to catch it.

3:38 PM   I open the bucket. The fish is already dead (unlike last year’s bluegill, which persisted in flopping around on the cutting board while I was trying to cut its head off).

3:50 PM   I throw out the fish head, guts, skin, and tail. I have two decent sized pieces of fish to fry, plus a couple of tiny scraps.

4:10 PM   Al and I sit down to share a plate of fried fish. It’s a small plate, but we enjoy every bite.


2 Responses to Fast fish

  1. Margaret says:

    If Al ever goes fishing somewhere where a lot of patience is required, he is going to be surprised. But I guess if he enjoys it enough, he will learn how to do it.

    • Pauline says:

      We spent probably half an hour fishing at Cub Scout camp last month. We fed at least three worms to the fish. We caught nothing, but Al seemed happy.

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