Tree frog at my door

I got home from working out at the Y this evening to find something dark sitting on the handle of my screen door. Assuming it was a moth that would fly away as I approached, I put my hand on the handle. To my amazement, the small dark creature didn’t fly, it jumped – from the handle to the door.

Now that it sat flat against the white door, I could see from its outline that it was a frog. As I watched, it jumped from the door to the siding, then climbed up the wall several inches. I went inside for my camera, and was pleased that it was still sitting there, a few inches below the porch light.

With a son who loves learning about animals (and wants to be an animal scientist of some kind), I had heard lots about tree frogs. But they were always the sort who live in a rain forest somewhere. It never occurred to me that we had tree frogs here in Iowa – or that they might leave the trees to climb on houses.

From what I’ve read, this seems most likely to be a gray tree frog, though which of the two species I have no idea as they look pretty much alike. (They were at one time considered the same species.)

One thing that surprised me was just how much it resembled one of those rubber frogs that they sell in the toy department (and that my son has at least a dozen of). Not in coloring, but in size and shape. I hadn’t realized just how realistic those rubber frogs were until we went to the zoo recently, and the tree frogs in the exhibit looked very much like those rubber frogs (including the bright coloring).


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