I rarely post about something that it seems a million other people are posting about, but just in case you’re one of the few people who didn’t visit Google today (July 15, 2010), I’ll make sure you don’t miss what the rest of us found.

I’ve seen a few Google Doodles, but rarely pay them much attention. Today’s, though, was so unusual I had to check it out. I had never heard of Josef Frank before, but there is something about his designs that seems somehow familiar. I’ve no idea if I’ve actually anything designed by Frank before today, but I’m sure I’ve seen designs by artists that were influenced by his style.

Here you can see (and even buy if you have enough money!) fabrics made using Frank’s designs. I was going to try to decide which I like best, but I simply can’t decide. If I were actually picking fabric to furnish my home, I would probably go for one of the more monochromatic designs, such as Celotocaulis, La Plata, or Navigare. But there is something very appealing also about Terrazzo, Under the Equator, and Vegetable Tree. I’m don’t think I can identify any of them that I dislike.

Having sampled the visual delight of Josef Frank’s designs, I then went on to check out more Google Doodles. TIME has a photo gallery of ten of Google’s most popular Doodles, with a story behind each one. (I don’t know how they calculate popularity, but these ten are all good.) Since many Doodles are only displayed on the Google page for countries to which they are particularly relevant (today’s was displayed worldwide), I haven’t seen many of them before.

But you can check out the entire Doodle history here. Sometimes the name Google is very obvious, other times (such as today’s and the World Cup Doodle from Sunday) it is much more subtle and I didn’t realize it was there until I took a second (or third) look. I think some of my favorites are Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s 110th Birthday (Jun 29, 2010), Robert Schumann’s 200th Birthday (Jun 08, 2010), St. Patrick’s Day (Mar 17, 2010), and Pi Day (Mar 14, 2010). Of course, I’ve only finished looking at the Doodles from 2010.

I think I can see why the Google Doodle designers picked Josef Frank to honor worldwide today. They share a “love for creativity and innovation” as Frank did. I’ve seen lots of innovative designs I don’t like. But Frank’s designs and the Doodles show not just creativity but a good sense of color and a good sense of fun.


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