Gifts from a cat burglar

Conversations on the Whirled Views thread at WorldMagBlog often get to talking about pets, and comments about pets often mention the “gifts” they bring home. Donna J’s cat Annie brought home a lizard recently, and had great fun playing with its tail (which it left behind, preferring not to get more fully involved in the game). Mumsee’s kittens were playing with a dead baby shrew.

We don’t have cats, but sometimes dogs bring home presents also. Our previous black Lab, Mandy, liked to leave dead turtles at the back door for us. Kyra prefers to bring home trash, anything from a dirty sock to a paper bag from Burger King to an old newspaper. She would have liked to bring home the dead rabbit, but I made her drop it.

If you don’t like the dead animals or trash your pet brings home, though, be glad at least it’s not women’s underwear stolen from your neighbors. Oscar, in Portwood, England, is a true cat burglar. He commits an average of about ten robberies a day, bringing back items of clothing he finds in the neighbors’ yards. Gloves, socks, and lots of underpants – items just the right size to bring home as gifts to his owners.

I have to admit I’m slightly puzzled how he takes these items off clotheslines. Don’t people use clothespins to hang up small items? Perhaps once he gets his claws on a pair of underwear, his weight is enough to pull it loose from the clothespin. I have to admit, while I’ve hung large items such as sheets or towels out to dry, I’ve never hung up my underwear outside. So I don’t know just what it would take to get a pair off the line.

There was one day that Kyra nabbed a golf ball out of someone’s yard while we were out walking. I didn’t see where she got it, so I couldn’t take it back. It’s a good thing for me that none of my neighbors leave more valuable items lying in the grass near the sidewalk. Or ladies’ underwear.


2 Responses to Gifts from a cat burglar

  1. Karen O says:

    The eccentric habits of our pets can be so funny. They each have their own personality, & it is fun getting to know them & observing them on a daily basis.

  2. Margaret says:

    I read the British article. I was surprised that the couple intend to continue letting their cat run free and commit ten robberies a day, and the law isn’t forcing them to stop. I guess now that everyone knows what is going on, they can simply establish a lost-and-found for all their neighbors to come and claim things? Of course if you want to experiment with cats and underwear, you could hang out some of your own in your backyard and invite a cat-owning neighbor to come over with the cat and see what is possible.

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