A fisheye view

I suppose a true “fisheye” view of things would be from underwater, just as a bird’s eye view is from the air. But the view created by using a fisheye camera lens can give an extraordinary look to ordinary scenes. If I had the time and money, I could have a lot of fun creating photographs like these.

I didn’t start out this evening looking for unusual photographic techniques, however. I was just checking out the Astronomy Photo of the Day. Today’s photo, titled “Trees, Sky, Galactic Eye,” is a fisheye photo that shows more trees than stars – which is perhaps one reason I like it so much. The round shape made me think of my Springbok jigsaw puzzles, and a puzzle made from that photo would be a lot of fun to put together.

The text beneath the photo points out that it can be a scavenger hunt  of sorts, and suggests some items to find. The tent is pretty easy, and I’m pretty sure I see the lights of Saint Philippe. The shoreline and volcano are harder, though I think I may have identified them. Knowing how to change the orientation of Windows on my monitor (see one of my posts, from a few weeks ago, on Upside down windows), made it a bit easier to view the photo from other angles (without having to turn my head at uncomfortable angles).

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