Movies: G-Force

The idea of guinea pigs as special agents didn’t excite me before seeing this movie, and seeing it didn’t change my mind. Usually when I read disparaging reviews of children’s movies by adults who didn’t find them entertaining, I want to defend the movie. But G-Force just didn’t appeal to me very much.

It’s not totally boring, but it’s not one I would bother seeing again. (And I’m glad I waited until June to watch it, when we could use the vouchers we get at Family Video for A’s on the boys’ report cards.) There are some humorous moments, but not a lot that I really found funny. There’s lots of action, but except for the chase scene where the G-Force are in their rolling spheres, and the scene where one of the guinea pigs takes control of the remote control, they don’t seem to capitalize on the potential of human vs guinea pig.

There’s supposed to be a message about being special just because of who you are, and about family (which has little if anything to do with biological relationships), but other movies have done it a lot better. The characters were uninteresting or unconvincing or both. Even the bad guys (who often are portrayed more effectively than the good guys) weren’t very convincing.

But we have lots more vouchers to use. Tomorrow will be Up, which I already know is a great movie because Al and I watched it last night. Unfortunately “watched” is the operative word, as we had trouble hearing it (we were at a ballpark and it was shown on the ballfield’s big screen). Still, even having missed half the dialogue I thought it was great, and I’m looking forward to both seeing and hearing it tomorrow.


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