Games: SET

My sister obviously knows what kind of games I enjoy. Today she emailed me a link to the SET daily puzzle. I hadn’t heard of SET before, and didn’t even realize it was the name of a game as well as the company until I took a closer look.

The premise of SET is very simple – which is one characteristic of a good game. The rules aren’t at all complicated. You have to make a set by selecting three cards that are all the same, or all different, in a given characteristic. There are three colors, three shapes, three degrees of shading, and three numbers of shapes.

Three cards the same color but three different shapes, all solid colors but different numbers of shapes – that makes a set. Or three cards that are all different colors and different shapes, all two shapes that are only outlines – that makes a set. But three cards that are the same color, same shape, different numbers of shapes, and in two case they are solid and the other one is shaded – not a set.

I do have a Quiddler game, made by the same company, so it surprises me I hadn’t heard of SET. Of course, I bought Quiddler by mail order, not in a store, and I was probably looking specifically for word games when I bought it. (It’s supposed to be a game that children can do as well on as adults because length of words isn’t necessarily the key to winning. My ability with word games, though, is such that I had to ignore a great many opportunities in order not to win every time, and it didn’t become a favorite with anyone else.)

There aren’t any stores that sell SET in my area, so if I want to get a SET set I’ll have to order it online. First, though, I had better try the online daily game out on my son (the one who is always looking for games to play – the older one is now working second shift and I don’t see him much), and see if he likes it. And I guess I ‘ll have to see if I like it too, after the first few dozen times.

There are only a few games that I keep playing after the novelty wears off. I played a downloaded game called Winlinez for a few years, but eventually I got so good at it that a game would go on so long that I got tired of it before losing. I played Welltris (a three-dimensional variation on Tetris by the maker of the original game) until it stopped working on our Macintosh (this was in the 90’s).

I played MahJongg until the version I used to play no longer worked on a new computer, and the graphics in a new version I bought weren’t as easy to recognize (and made the game slower). Of the various games I have reviewed on this blog, the only one I continue to play regularly is Word Spell. (I tried to open Peggle Nights recently, and it doesn’t work anymore. I tried contacting the vendor, but the advice I was given didn’t seem to fit my situation.)

Well, let me amend that slightly. I do still play my own Tranagrams game almost daily. Sometimes I miss a day or two, then I add extra entries to “catch up.” (I also play Freecell regularly on my husband’s computer, and sometimes Spider Solitaire, but I don’t think I have reviewed those here, because I figure they are so well known already, being distributed with Microsoft Windows.)

I do try to keep from spending too much time on these wonderful games, as I have some serious posts I’m working on (at least in my mind – haven’t started writing yet). But the past several weeks have kept me very busy at work, and I have little time or brainpower left for serious blogging. A game of SET, though, is just the thing for me to relax with. (Which tells you something about how my brain works, in case you hadn’t figured out already.)


3 Responses to Games: SET

  1. Peter L says:

    Now you’ve done it! One try and I am hooked. I love the logic aspect of this game. Our old Windows® 3.1 computer had a similar game with a field of symbols in which you had to place them all next to each other based on two matching qualities. We could choose from sailboats of different colors facing different directions, or Chinese characters, etc.

    Now I have found something else to challenge my mind. It is in my favorites folder. My children will thank you when Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t set in. (At least, I have read a theory that keeping the mind active prevents Alzheimer’s.)

  2. Margaret says:

    Today’s game is a little different, due to the lack of variety in colors.

  3. Margaret says:

    Today, as usual I first looked for sets that were all the same color, then all the same shape, then all of a sudden I was all done! No need to look for all the same shade, or all the same number, or all different. I think they have a computer that generates games randomly, then picks a game that has exactly 6 correct sets.

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