Farewell Fidget

Yesterday marked Fidget’s eighth day in our home. I began to feel more hopeful that he would happily swim around in his aquarium for months to come.

This morning Al told me Fidget had died. He worried that he hadn’t fed Fidget enough. (I told him that was not likely to be the case – fish are more likely to die of overfeeding.) He was concerned that he hadn’t loved Fidget enough because he didn’t miss him terribly. I explained that you don’t miss a fish the way you miss a dog.

I left it up to Al to decide what to do with his dead fish. He asked that we make a small garden, bury Fidget and plant flowers over him, because fish make good fertilizer. I had been planning on planting some flowers anyway, but hadn’t had time or energy to spare to dig up the dirt.

I prepared the ground, Al dropped Fidget in, I put in the impatiens I had bought, and Al made a moving speech about what a good fish Fidget had been. I got a little choked up when he talked about Fidget swimming around happily in heaven.

Farewell, Fidget.


2 Responses to Farewell Fidget

  1. Karen O says:

    Al sounds like a sweet boy. I would have gotten choked up, too.

  2. Margaret says:

    It’s interesting to see the connections between the generations. Al really never knew his Grandma Phyllis at all, but he shares her practicality; she would definitely have agreed about using Fidget for fertilizer. And he also shares Grandpa Van’s sensitivity about those who have died; even if they were only a fish, we still think about them. Cousin Jerry shares Al’s ambivalence about not missing someone versus feeling like you really ought to miss them.

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