Infinity in a picture

I’ve seen photo mosaics for years. When the first ones were produced in the mid-90’s, they were a technological marvel. Now they have become almost commonplace, and there is software available to create your own. But National Geographic’s Infinite Photograph takes photo mosaics to new levels.

Each Infinite Photograph is made from 200 to 500 photographs submitted by users. As you zoom in on a portion of the photo, you can see how it is made up of many smaller images. As you continue to zoom in, you bring up just one of these images. In most photomosaics, that’s as far as you could go. But with Infinite Photograph, you keep going, into a whole new set of photo tiles.

Knowing what digital technology is capable of, the fact that the software can do that is not all that impressive to me.  But many of the photos themselves are impressive. And diving through one into so many others is definitely a more interesting way to look at a photo album than just going from one page to the next.

Take a look here to explore Infinite Photographs of birds, dogs, water, “As Seen on Earth,” or one day’s worth of Your Shot submissions.


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